ZEWS is a young, dynamic company, committed to the development of its staff and the growth of its clients, helping them in their web & digital strategies through constant training and true interest not only in guiding them to get a service, but teach them how to make the most of the website and get a return on their investment.

We have a long-term vision, and we want to create prosperous and lasting business relationships for both sides.  We are not looking just to sell a website or a single service: we want to be your digital agency and solve all your needs!

By the way, ZEWS means: Zona de Estrategias Web Del Sur (South Web Strategies Zone, since we are from the South of Costa Rica), and when I told that name to a friend in 2002, before launching the company, he said: “Hmmm… very sophisticated for a coffee zone” … do you want to know the rest of the story?Know the history of ZEWS

These are the people working in ZEWS, a Costa Rican company, committed to the development of their region and country through specialized and honest work, ethical competition, and continuous learning.

Each project is a new opportunity to establish a long-term alliance. We don’t see only a sale, but a relationship under the formula “win-win” that benefits both of us.

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In a competitive market, and in many cases unethical, we do not like to say we are the best, but go to the facts, and let them speak for us, for better or worse, and you decide.

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