CONTACT US NOWOn the internet, as everywhere, not all that glitters is gold. You can find everything from characters who claim that they are “number one” in position in search engines, to some who say that Google stole their formula from them… hmm…

What is certain is that – in some cases due simply to lack of knowledge, and in others because of overconfidence – the results offered in the negotiation phase are not always those achieved. Do not trust those who say that the job will be quick, effortless, and without costs. Nothing in this life works this way. If you want to see results in search engines, the truth is you will have to work with your provider to define the search terms initially and work consistently to achieve the results. It is a joint effort.

The good news is that it IS possible to obtain the results you seek. Here we want to show you some of the results that we have attained, both in our own website and for some of our clients. These examples in the first page are representative, generally in position 1 to 5 among several thousand and sometimes millions of results.We can do the same for your company. Do not waste money, time, and especially the possibility of doing business through the internet by investing in websites that do not give you results. Our methodology is proven and our clients are doing business directly from the search engines, particularly Google.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) management delivers results in search engines. What follows are three examples that highlight what you can expect from our professional work, proven through years of practice at companies in very different fields, but all having a common denominator: We allow them to reach new markets and get new clients.

You yourself can replicate these examples. Simply go to and enter one of the search terms to prove it. The results can vary in position or quantity, but you should definitely find us there.

At the bottom you will find a form allowing you to get in touch with us to begin discussing your project.This client is dedicated to the commercialization of the SAP Business One system. It was a site in production, active for some months, that had developed another company, in the Drupal platform.

The initial situation of the client was of null visibility in search engines in the chosen keywords.  None of them was among the first 100 results in Google. After 4 months, 59% of visibility had already been achieved in the keywords we had selected.

Thanks to a sustained work, based on planning and execution in accordance with our plan, in only 9 months it was possible to reach 93% visibility, because we must be clear about something: SEO work is not fast, but once you get the results they are sustained over time and more impactful than the pay per click campaigns.

In the end, only one keyword was not in the top 10. As a result, they began to receive requests from potential customers who found the site directly from Google (way before we deliver all the results!), which entered the customer’s lead center to receive proper management.You can also see the correlation between being found from Google and receiving a message requesting more information. Just as Google is the main source of direct traffic to the site, it is also the one that contributes the most to the “conversion funnel” of the website, being those who come from search engines the ones that most contact.

This client has been working with us for years, investing in his website every month and in return he steadily obtains purchase intentions that, with due management by the clinic staff, deliver a huge return on investment every month.

We create the content (in both Spanish and English), we manage their social networks, we do the arts for their digital campaigns, we generate SEO positioning reports and we take care of taking the client to the Google’s first page in the keywords that they indicate each month that are interesting or profitable for the company.This client is located in Guadalupe, San José, capital of Costa Rica. Initially it was in the community of Pérez Zeledón, in the south of the country.

After several years of sustained management, the flow of contacts through the site from the capital grew, so they started to visit one day per week in San José, in a rented place, to attended that new demand.  Then, operations were opened all week and it reached the point that the initial headquarters, which was to the south, closed to move definitively to San José, in its own Clinic.

In these images, from Google Analytics directly, a comparison of two quarters is made. There was an increase of 23.3% of the requests made filling out the forms of the different services, which summed 217 messages, an average of 2.41 daily.

In addition, the sources of traffic clearly indicate that the organic traffic coming from Google is the one that contributes the increase of the visitors, and that these in turn are the ones who invest the most time navigating the site.The third company that we are going to talk to you, we have known it since it started: ZEWS S.A., our own company!

Being located in Pérez Zeledón, 134km south of the capital, our initial market was smaller, so one way to find new customers was the cold call: search web addresses in magazines, newspapers, directories, review sites , assess opportunities for improvement, talk with the manager, get the appointment, close the sale … which was “lost” when you get to the question: where are you located?  Because of the distance, many people discarded us almost immediately.

For this reason, we began to apply the same recipe that we apply to our clients: we select our most competitive keywords and position ourselves in them. The results were seen in a few months.People started calling or sending us emails, saying that they had found us on Google, that they were interested, that it did not matter if it was by phone or Skype, but they wanted us to put them on Google so they customers could find them as they found us.

Our client base began to increase, customers from other parts of the country began to arrive, from other countries and even today, as a reference, we have clients in Costa Rica that we have never seen personally, despite being a rather small country: everything has been online and everything started with a Google search.

For example, many people have written to us directly from search engines, who had never heard from us but had a need, so they entered Google, searched and there we were, ready and willing to serve them.As we expanded the phrases where we wanted to appear, that brought us new clients from other countries.These are some search results in which we have a good positioning according to the selected keywords.Here we are! Why wait more and keep losing customers? Send us an email and let’s start talking about your project.We have offices in Costa Rica, United States and Panama.