Digital agencies

During this important event that took place in Panama, we had the opportunity to participate for the third consecutive year, highlighting the relevance and wide variety of opportunities that the digital world offers for business growth and expansion.

We were fortunate to share our vast experience in the field of digital marketing and highlighted the fundamental importance of an effective online presence for Latin American companies in various sectors.

In an increasingly digitalized world, online presence is crucial to business success, so it is important to recognize the need to adopt digital solutions to stay competitive in today's market.

Making valuable connections

In addition to promoting our services, these events are a valuable opportunity to make connections, reconnect with companies and key contacts in the Latin American market. For this, it is essential to choose well the fairs in which you participate and to have a prior action plan, to get the most out of the activity.

One of the central aspects that caught our attention was the urgency of adapting agilely to the transformations in the digital environment. With technologies and market trends constantly evolving, companies must be prepared to adjust their strategies and adopt new tools and approaches to stay relevant.

In the case of Expocomer Panama 2024, detailed planning allowed us to make the most of the opportunities presented, such as establishing contacts with companies from Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Sitio Rico and Mexico, in areas as diverse as agriculture, legal services and technology, who are interested in improving their online presence. Our participation allowed us to highlight the fundamental role we play as Digital Marketing Agency.

We are proud to have helped drive the dialogue on this crucial issue and look forward to continuing to be an active part of this movement towards a more inclusive and prosperous digital future for all.

By promoting our services and sharing our knowledge, we contribute to the economic and technological growth of the region.

We also thank Procomer's expert team, both staff from the Costa Rica and Panama offices, for managing business appointments and accompanying them at each stage of the process, with planning meetings before and during the fair. Without a doubt, your staff moves at the pace that business demands!

If you would like more information on how your company can benefit from our digital marketing services, do not hesitate to contact us. contact us.