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Keyword combinator

At ZEWS, we are aware of the importance of a SEO strategy robust and how the intelligent use of keywords can transform the online visibility of any business, with the corresponding positive impact this can have for the organization.

That is why we are very pleased to announce the launch of our new tool: the keyword combinator, designed specifically to maximize the potential of your digital content.

With it, you can generate many long-tail keyphrase combinations in a simple way, which you can then add to reports or have them for content ideas for your monthly management.

Why long tail keywords?

Hen/Stag long tail keywords are those specific phrases, usually three to five words, that users enter into search engines when they are close to making a purchase or when using voice search. These keywords are crucial to an effective SEO strategy due to their accuracy and lower competition compared to more generic keywords.

Statistically, long-tail keywords play a very important role in searches:

  • They represent 70% of all web searches, according to Moz data.
  • Users who search using long-tail keywords have a conversion rate 2.5 times higher than those who search with more generic terms, according to a HubSpot study.
  • Despite their individually lower search volume, their specificity leads to higher relevance and therefore better ranking in search results.

Taking advantage of the keyword combiner

Our tool uses a three-column approach to generate multiple keyword combinations. This allows users to explore a wide range of potential search phrases that they might not have considered, thereby expanding their SEO reach and better connecting with their target audience.

The process is simple: enter the keyword combinator your desired terms in each of the three columns and our tool will automatically generate combinations that cover various aspects of your product or service offering.

Example, in Column 1 add “sale of” and “repair of”; in Column 2 “machinery” and “automobiles” and in Column 3, “costa rica” and “panama”. By tapping the “Combine” button the tool will return these 8 combinations:

  • sale of machinery costa rica
  • sale of machinery panama
  • car sales costa rica
  • panama car sales
  • machinery repair costa rica
  • machinery repair panama
  • car repair costa rica
  • car repair panama

In a matter of seconds you will have all the possible combinations, without much manual effort on your part!

Keyword combinator

Our commitment to SEO

At ZEWS, our goal is to empower businesses to reach their full potential online. The free availability of this tool is just another example of our commitment to a Effective SEO for all. We believe that by providing valuable resources like the Keyphrase Combiner, we can support businesses on their path to attracting an ideal audience and achieving their digital marketing goals.

We invite you to experience our combinator and discover how it can transform your keyword strategy. Click on this link:

Keyword combinator

Of course, we can also take care of all the SEO management of your company. If you are looking for a specialized SEO agency, contact us and let us know your need. We have supported companies in 11 countries to achieve new markets, in more than 20 different types of industries... we are ready to take your request!

Join us on this journey towards greater online visibility and discover the impact of a well-executed keyword strategy on your business.

At ZEWS we create digital strategies with real results.