Constant maintenance!

An important process in organic positioning in search engines of any site It lies in the constant changes to it, known as maintenance, so that it is always updated and fresh, with recent information.

Just like in business, sitios web They must be very dynamic and respond promptly to customer needs.  

Un siteIn our opinion, it should not be in any way a mere brochure for your company, but rather be truly effective in terms of generating business on the Internet and positioning in search engines.

An always updated site... always ready to do business!

Content for search engines

It is necessary and imperative not only to create, but also to correctly manage and maintain its contents and the different sections of the site.

An investment of time and resources must be made in this, so that the site begins to yield results and remains competitive in search engines, appearing in more sections and attracting more visitors each month.

We adjust to your budget and needs.

In the end, maintenance, if done well and consistently - by you or by our company - can, almost owes it to you, generate business, so it is important to do it at least once a month, and it is desirable to do it every week.

Prices vary, contact us to request a personalized quote, according to your current needs.

Maintain your website with ZEWS

We can maintain sitios web existing, no matter what platform it was developed on.

Take into account that:

We always recommend that our clients invest in a dynamic website where they themselves have full control over the contents of their website and the frequency with which they make changes, also so that they do not have to make monthly maintenance payments.

We have solutions for our clients that include online advertising plus maintenance hours or maintenance hour packages only. In all cases, product photographs, editing of said images and publication of content on the website are included.

Each programmer has their own way of doing things and, if certain development standards have not been followed, maintaining an already created site can be a cumbersome task for the company that does it and cumbersome for the client.

We can search for relevant information for the company in question and even create news on topics of interest related to your business area.

Web maintenance packages

We have three packages available: Basic, Medium and Complete. The summary of what each one presents is as follows.


Included with annual plan
  • Original content notes: 2/month
  • Website changes: 2/month
  • Digital Arts: 2/month
  • Change to the site home: 2 / month
  • New web pages: Up to 2
  • WordPress update
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Included with semester plan (recommended)
  • Original content notes: 3/month
  • Website changes: 5/month
  • Digital Arts: 3/month
  • Change to the site home: 3 / month
  • New web pages: Up to 3
  • WordPress update
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Included with quarterly plan
  • Original content notes: 4/month
  • Website changes: 8/month
  • Digital Arts: 4/month
  • Change to the site home: 4 / month
  • Landing Page: 1 / month (to support digital campaigns on networks, emails or Google)
  • New web pages: Up to 5
  • WordPress update
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