Do you have a static site or one with the same design for a long time?

Our redesign service sitios web It is ideal for clients who have static sites or who have had the same design for a long time and want to change not only the "look", but also the way their platform is managed.

If it were enough to just make the site, perhaps it would not be worth so much training and study on the part of us and our staff...but no, that's not enough!

In fact, making a site There is nothing mysterious about it... but from there it appears in search engines, generates results, ends up paying for itself and produce profits there is a good difference.

It is estimated that up to 90% of total queries will be handled by chatbots!

Serve clients 24/7

The market abounds with offers of all kinds, hundreds of CMS (content managers), but in many cases these solutions do not specifically adapt to the needs of each company and it is rather the company that ends up adjusting to what the site can offer you.

For this reason, more than once we have been asked to make a new version of an existing site.

How do we do it?

We redesigned WEBSITES of clients in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, United States... with very satisfactory results.

Sometimes we are asked to change the site completely but, when studying it, we realize that what it needs are only small adjustments (from our professional point of view, of course) such as improving the keywords, making changes in texts and the like. In this case, we make recommendations so that the current managers of the site are the ones who carry out this work.