Looking for a WordPress website?

At ZEWS Web we offer the construction of websites on a platform that is quick to implement and flexible to maintain, adaptable to the growth of your brand or business.

What is WordPress?

However, it requires a strong investment of time in its implementation, debugging, search engine optimization, monthly maintenance, among others... and someone must do that.

We strive to parameterize and tweak the template chosen by the client so that it fits their corporate identity.

With our advice you will have a website:



At ZEWS web we have developed dozens of projects on this popular platform, with very innovative designs, sites that compete every day in search engines and help our clients achieve business that, otherwise, they would not have been able to obtain.


Let us put our experience and track record at your service! We assure you professional treatment and frequent support throughout the development process. Our clients confirm it.

What do our WordPress website packages include?

Advantages of using WordPress?


You will be able to grow quickly and add new functionality to your web project in no time.


Whether with plugins or custom development, you can achieve that "look & feel" that you are looking for to give a unique touch to your project.

Ready for cell phones and tablets

All websites come ready to be viewed without problems on cell phones and tablets (responsive).

Friendly with any SEO strategy

It has optimization options so that it is easily indexed by Google.

Easy to use

You will be able to upload content and photos yourself once we have published the website. Or choose one of our maintenance plans.


Integrated with WooCommerce, you will be able to have an online cart and receive card payments in a modern and functional site.

Attention! Our professional WordPress websites are focused on companies with needs within a, we could call, conventional framework. If your needs are very particular and require special web development, we suggest you check out our web development service. custom website design.