Get to know our Great

Work team!

We are a small team, if you will, but very specialized. We know each other very well, we have officials with years of experience with us who know the processes inside out, who are empowered and who can make agile decisions for the benefit of your web project.

Get to know us and let us advise you on the development of your site, management of social media, domain registration or any other of the specialized web services that we make available to you.

Fabian Vargas


Gabriela Naranjo

Management assistant

Abigail Flores

General Manager

Luisa Sosa

Commercial Administrator

Margareth Valverde

Collections Manager

Ericka Montenegro

Account executive

Raquel Cartin

Account executive

David naranjo

Operations Manager

Andres Jimenez


Kevin Acuna


Daniel Paniagua

Web developer

Marvin Mendez


Stacy Villafuerte

Graphic Designer