To trust a person, you have to know them.

To trust a company, too.

We know that this section in companies is not treated with care. Total… “who cares about our history? Customers are interested in our services!” but the story It is what forges us, what has us where we are today, a product of our steps and decisions, hence we want to share it with you.

My name is Fabián Vargas, I am the founder of ZEWS and it is a pleasure for me to be able to tell you a little about the genesis of our company and the evolution we have had to date. It has been, without a doubt, an interesting journey. Thanks in advance for your time.

It's the FIRST STEP to start a relationship!

The beginning was forged, without thinking about it, in this room in my grandmother's house (qdDg), in Curridabat (San José), where I lived for a while while working at a software development company. It was him year of 1998...

…I was on a work exchange in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, United States. There I made friends from other countries and when I wanted to show them information about my hometown, Pérez Zeledón (southern area of ​​Costa Rica) on the Internet I only found news about the soccer team.

Almost 4 years passed until one day, almost without intending to, I started a virtual community with the photos we took at a National Soccer Team match that, over time, evolved to become Pérez Zeledón's first digital portal, which remains up to date:, today a free business directory and news site for the canton.

Return to the Land

After leaving a job where I worked for more than 4 years and founding another company that took a while to get off the ground, I decided to return to my hometown and install what would be the first web development company in the canton there.

The first two and a half years were very difficult. There were no projects, there was no work, she did everything by vocation and because she had the firm conviction that, one day, things would be different. Little by little more work began to arrive. We began to add people to the team because the demand was already a little higher.

Thus, in November 2005 we left the home that my good friend Carlos Roberto Sánchez (of Urban Development) in their offices and we began to rent our own facilities (the ones seen in the photo above), in the same office center where we were, but with more space and equipped to serve our clients more calmly.

Also at the end of 2005 I got married, and my wife Gabriela has been my partner and important stronghold since then. Today, in addition to our “baby” (the company), we have the joy of being parents of a couple of children who fill us with happiness every day.

Start a new stage

In 2013 we moved to new facilities, which gave us stability and credibility to better serve our clients. In April 2015, we began operations in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where we operate as ZEWS Web Services LLC and in March 2017 we opened operations in David, Chiriquí, Panama, where we operate as ZEWS Web Services SA

In 2009, thanks to the crisis that affected almost the entire world, we sought external advice, which continues to this day, from the international consultant Napoleón Alegre, who has been an important guide in our expansion not only outside the canton, but also outside the country and achieving the goals set forth in our plans each year.

I want to thank GOD first of all but also Danny and Josué Martínez, from Centro Llantero del Sur (our first web client!). Also to Carlos Roberto Sánchez (from Urban Development) and Jose Luis Vargas (owner of Venta de Autos El Brillante) for their advice and support. To Walter Odio (from Selva Mar), client and friend of the company for giving us one of the largest projects in our beginnings. But also, of course, to each and every customer who have been joining this journey and those who are yet to arrive.

Of course to my family our staff, committed, who helps us every day to continue providing top-level services, since we are fortunate to have loyal, experienced and professional employees.

If you read our entire story, thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time!