Be wary if they tell you that it is going to be something quick, effortless, and also free. Nothing in this life works like that. If you want to see results in search engines, the truth is that you will need to work together with your supplier to define search terms initially and work consistently to achieve results. It's a joint effort.

The good news is that the results CAN be achieved. Here we want to show you some of what we have achieved; They are representative examples, on the first page - generally from position 1 to 5 - of between several thousand and even millions of results.

We can achieve the same for your company. Do not waste money, time and, above all, the possibility of doing business on the Internet by venturing into sitios web that don't give you results. 

Our methodology is proven and our clients are doing business directly from search engines, especially Google. Our SEO management delivers results in search engines. 

Below are 3 examples that highlight what you can expect from our professional work.

Do you want to increase your business on the internet?

Case of an IT and Software company

This client specializes in the marketing of Microsoft solutions, CRM, ERP and other services. Although they already had a site, did not have visibility in search engines and a visual change was required. 

It was launched on site officially in January 2021 with a 5% visibility in the chosen key phrases and after a few months of management, in May 2021 there was already a 87% visibility in the same sentences. 

SEO work is not quick, but when results are achieved, they are sustained over time. We continue maintenance and management tasks since by achieving these key phrases, you can search for new phrases or searches that you have to work on to appear.

Increase Your Search Engine Results

Hearing Clinic company case

This client is a hearing clinic, specialized in caring for hearing problems and selling hearing aids. We took care of their digital presence since they did not have a website. 

Their website was officially published in May 2020 with 1% visibility in the key phrases chosen at that time, subsequently we have been working on those and on new key phrases that have been changed or added and, in May 2021 There was 95% visibility.

This has brought them more contacts through the website and also through WhatsApp links or social media, which are included on the page for greater digital exposure. 

Company case Oculoplastic Surgery (eyelids and face)

This client is a surgeon specialized in eyelids and face. We have been working together since 2017 in several areas of your digital marketing (website, social media, campaigns and more). 

We started its visibility process on Google with the goal of giving it visibility in key phrases where its main competitor was very well positioned and we can say that we have achieved it. Even he himself has told us that the growth of his company has been important since we began management. See his testimony at this link

To date we continue the work process to continue positioning this company in the most important searches in its market niche.